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Laura Mellencamp

Born in Oklahoma, grew up in West Texas (Midland).  Now a happy resident of Granbury, Texas.


My mother and my sister have always had the artistic talent in the family, I never knew I could paint!  Sometime in 2014, I went to "Painting with a Twist" with friends, and fell in LOVE  with putting paint on a canvas.  To this day, I can barely draw a stick figure, but there's something about mixing the colors and creating with paint.

I grew up riding horses, and the love for those beautiful animals has stuck with me.  Adding unexpected color and abstract edges has since become my "style".  Most all of my paintings are the result of seeing someone else's beautiful work and duplicating it, so I can't actually take credit for the initial creation!

I enjoy doing custom work - creating an abstract representation of photographs of people's horses, pets, favorite beaches, etc...  I would LOVE to paint for YOU!    Please reach out to me if you have something you would like me to do!


ps - you may notice I signed earlier pieces  "LSD" - my initials prior to my July, 2016 wedding

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